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The Ultimate Photo Shoot Bundle

  • See Allison & Terran shoot REAL photo sessions
  • See step-by-step how they edit sessions
  • Learn from seeing a real-life IPS session
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A Real Pet Photography Session

  • See Allison & Terran shoot REAL photo sessions
  • How to work with real dogs & people, not trained models
  • Navigating unpredictable situations & surprises
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Editing a Real Pet Portrait Session

  • Terran & Allison show you step-by-step how they edit sessions
  • See culling, initial edits, and finishing touches
  • Prepping images for the sales session
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In-Person Sales for Pet Photography

  • See real sales sessions with Allison & Terran
  • Learn what it means to sell without being “salesy”
  • What to say (and what not to say!)
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Pet Photography Mini Sessions

  • Planning makes perfect
  • Offering something different
  • Pricing for profit
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Showcase Your Business at Local Events

  • Finding the right events for your business
  • Reap the benefits of a 1-day event for years to come!
  • Make the most of the event: networking & connecting
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Working with Competitors & Charities

  • Why befriending your competition is better than being enemies
  • Benefits to partnering with small and large charities
  • Setting boundaries and being clear about how you intend to work with charities
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Treat Your Clients with Gifts

  • When and why to give gifts to your clients
  • Allison & Terran’s favorite gifts & rewards
  • Hidden opportunities to give unexpected gifts
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Session Workflows from Start to Finish

  • Making a great first impression with your clients
  • Paperwork & prepping for the photo session
  • An overview of culling, editing, selling, and delivering your images
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Sell the Products You Love

  • How to find the best products for your business
  • What to consider when choosing your product lineup
  • Our favorites, where we get them, and why we love them
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Partnering with Local Businesses

  • How to choose & approach businesses you’d like to work with
  • Contracts & setting expectations so everyone is happy
  • Tapping into your target audience with co-marketing
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An introduction to Branding & Websites

  • The benefits of hiring a professional vs. DIY
  • Specific tips on website design, no matter what platform you use
  • Finally be able to answer the question “what’s my brand?”
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Turning Mistakes into Opportunities

  • How to avoid miscommunication with your clients
  • “My dogs are well-behaved off-leash!” Yeah, right.
  • Making the most of a bad situation & unhappy clients
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How to Hire Assistants & Employees

  • Know what to look for during an interview
  • Compensation – be a generous employer without breaking the bank
  • Navigating the trickiness of working with friends & family
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Fun Facts about Allison & Terran

dog treats purchased
average full-length session sale
combined years in business
total full and mini clients in 2O15

I had my very first ever event yesterday and it went down without a hitch! Your video helped me get prepared, professional looking, and totally ready!

– Gabrielle

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Terran Bayer & Allison Shamrell

We may be competitors but we’re friends first.

We each have our own pet photography businesses, and we each built them from the ground up. We didn’t start out knowing how to fill our calendars with booked sessions, the best tricks and treats to get a dog’s attention, or the most efficient way to run a business. We remember dreaming about being successful, even though success seemed so far away. But now, after years of long hours and hard work, we’ve each created businesses that we love — and we’re excited to share our expertise with you! Whether you’re just starting out or you’re aching to take your part-time business full-time, we can’t wait to help you build a business that’s both profitable and fulfilling… trust us, it feels great!
Terran Bayer

Terran Bayer

Westway Studio
Allison Shamrell

Allison Shamrell

Allison Shamrell Pet Photography

Allison Shamrell, Allison Shamrell Pet Photography

Allison began her photography career in a very unique way: with a press pass to the sidelines of Notre Dame football games! As a student with access to one of the best college athletics programs in the country, she graduated with a serious adrenaline addiction — and promptly got married and moved to a part of America without any sports teams: Pensacola, Florida. But after adopting a dog and realizing that pets were even more fascinating subjects than athletes (and far cuter), Allison started her pet photography business in 2010. She later moved to San Diego in 2013, which gave her the invaluable (and yet un-enviable) experience of starting her business in two very different cities. Since opening the doors of her retail studio location to a steady stream of clients, her work is now hanging in ten local pet businesses across San Diego, and she’s constantly on the lookout for ways to spoil the heck out of her clients.

Terran Bayer, Westway Studio Pet Photography & Graphic Design

Terran started her path to becoming the crazy animal lady from the very beginning; she cared for horses, dogs, and a guinea pig growing up and even rescued injured wildlife around her home in upstate New York. She fell in love with photography and graphic design from an early age. After graduating college, she set off down the typical path of working for someone else. After six years, Terran realized that wasn’t the life for her and left a soul-sucking corporate job in 2007 to be her own boss; she hasn’t looked back. She has built her business to combine her love of art and layout with photography and squishy flufferbutts. Terran works with private clients, non-profits, and commercial clients such as My Perfect Pet, Pet Grass, Savage Universal, and more. She also volunteers with a few favorite rescues and non-profits to photograph their animals and raise money through fundraising events.

I had been procrastinating forever about putting together product ideas but after watching your video, I decided to have samples made of the products you suggested. My clients and I love them!

– Darlene

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